Payment & Refund


At JournalCops, we provide an extensive portfolio for you to view before hiring us for your project so you can see the quality of the work that we deliver. We are committed to providing the best services under our knowledge and belief. Refunds for payments are being provided under this policy.  Please read them carefully before taking up our services. Once you take up our service you are agreeing to our policies for refund. In case you are unwilling to follow these policies, please don’t use our service.

Part 1:

We follow a pay as you go, model, for all our services. In this payment structure, the amount you pay for a service can be divided into a maximum of three installments.

Part 2:

We assure a 30 day “no question asked” refund to our customers who are not satisfied with our services. But please note, that the company is not liable for any refund if there any delay in the delivery of the requested documents and information or coordination from the customer’s end.

Website design: Payments for custom design projects are taken in installments so that you dont worry about your money going to waste. We take up a sign up fee as a confirmation from the customer before we start with the project. We will provide a demo layout to you, and start with final development after your approval. In case you dont like our work after three revisions we will refund your sign up fee with our “no questions asked” policy. But please note that if you approve the demo design and we start with the development, no money will be refunded in that case, whether you decide to complete the website with us or not. However, there is No refund for Domain registration & hosting.

Content marketing: Please note that content marketing takes a minimum of three months to exhibit visible results. So If you wish to sign up with us, you have to sign up for a minimum duration of three months. In case you dont wish to work with us, you have to claim the refund within 15 days of sign up. The amount refunded will exclude the taxes.

Copywriting: We take 50% in advanced for copywriting. This includes a maximum of three revisions. In case you dont want to continue with us, you have to claim the refund after the first edit. If you don’t claim the refund with the given limit, the initial amount paid will be retained by JournalCops. If you continue with us, we will provide a maximum of 3 revisions. If you are still not satisfied, you have to provide a reference. The full payment for the content needs to clear by the client before we handover the final document to you.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): We use a Paid product of We can give you a partial refund (our service charge) but we dont refund the Hotjar’s subscription amount. However, you can get a free trial for 7 days before you use this particular service. Please note that this product will not increase your sales, neither it will increase your site’s traffic. This will help you to monitor your existing visitor’s activity on your site so that you can get an idea of what changes to make on your website.

Social Marketing: Please note that social media marketing takes a minimum of two months to exhibit visible results. If we cant show you even a minimal increase in your customer engagement rate, we’ll refund the amount within 90days of signup. There is no refund for paid ads. The amount refunded will exclude the taxes.

Note: No refund request will be taken up through mobile, WhatsApp, text or payment gateway. We only accept refund request through mail. If you want your refund, mail us at siting a detailed reason for your request. If you come under our eligibility policy, we will refund your money.

If you have any questions or reservations, please contact us prior to making a payment for our services. Thank you!